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Arayış Ormanı 2









Arayış Ormanı 2 Solgun Ruhlar Kitabı

Yazan: Göktuğ Canbaba

Kapak Resmi: Eren Arık

2018 Doğan Egmont

  1. Baskı İstanbul

ISBN: 978-605-09-5164-6

Yayına Hazırlayan: Ali Deniz

Kapak Uygulama: Onur Erbay

Grafik Uygulama: Havva Alp









Tılsım-ı Kudret




This book is yet to be translated to English




Uzayda Sahibini Arayan Köpek







This book is yet to be translated to English







Ayyaş Buda

Göktuğ Canbaba





This book is yet to be translated to English

Göktuğ Canbaba





Quest in Forest


Quest in Forest




Deniz was only twelve years old. He didn’t have any friends at school yet. According to everyone he was a crazy dreaming all the time! The reason for all these was his father who was telling mysterious stories to his son since he was a little child. He has created a world full with the various weird creatures and as said by the legend, this land passed by a hidden door was the twin brother of Istanbul. And this door was controlled by a watchman there. Should Deniz believe in these stories? However, there was a truth Deniz didn’t know. His father was the watchman separating these two lands from each other. And one day this challenging task would be in possession of his son.

On the dangerous way of this Journey to the Quest in Forest, Deniz was going to find himself in an adventure that he couldn’t even imagine in it.


Quest in Forest


Göktuğ Canbaba

Quest in Forest

An Extraordinary Week-day.

The clock bell started to ring. Its scream tone still continued when Deniz obtained power to open his left eyes gently. The child wandered around with his left eye tried first to understand where he was. He yawned big and thought if he was at the magicians’ market to himself. There shouldn’t be probably a Nirvana poster of someone who lived in magicians market hanging on the wall. He smiledand started to whisper a melody from Nirvana came to his mind first. Then he half opened his right eye too. He wasn’t at the breakfast saloon of the dwarfs either. Hearing the sound of car horns outside he was in his room and it was morning. So it means he was too far from the magical world that fancies his dreams.

It was an ordinary week day.  For a twelve years old child it would be nonsense to think of the lectures weren`t boring. But if you compare Deniz with an ordinary student he was getting very much bored rather than them. This was due to his incredible power of imagination and having not so many friends either. Even though he had everything to get friends this power of imagination as we said was working different with him. To tell you the truth Deniz was confusing the reality with the dreams continuously.

Someday the weird creatures, some bizarre pretending people appear in the back of the streets he would think they are real though.His school friends and the teachers unfortunately did not agree with him. And this was an enough reason for them to stay away from him. Deniz was a liar, in fact not more than a lunatic student.

Perhaps, it was all his father`s fault. Yes, yes who else’s fault could it be? Instead of a father telling all the time mysterious stories, if he had a snoring in front of the television one whose only passion was washing his car, talking about the work constantly, things would be different. Was Emre seeing weird creatures?  No! Was Galipdoctor to doctor going in between the real and dream continually? Certainly No! Their fathers were boring. Leave the telling stories apart they were not even reading a book. But the kids were solid. There no one had seen a little elf on the street yet!

‘’There is no doubt he has got the power of imagination from his father.’’ He whispered to himself laid down on his back stretching.Deniz was very young yet his father began to tell mysterious stories to him. The kid was almost grown up with the legends of that world. All those stories were so engraved in his mind that he started confusing the truth and the fiction to each other. Interestingly, his father never gave up telling those stories to his son. He might have been to all the doctors in Istanbul, he passed in his mind. To him it was his father who should see the doctor; there was no doubt about it.

On the other hand, it must be admitted that he was in love with those stories.  His father had made a world of those stories that he knew every point with all the details of this world. This land passed through a hidden doorwas the mysterious twin brother of Istanbul as told by his father accordingly. Listening to the magical stories about this land was more enjoyable than the stories about the Anatolian Seljuk State set up.

He got up staggering from left to right and took the way to go to the bathroom. He straightened his messy hairs with water and thought that the best thing to do was going the breakfast table. His t-shirt was half socked in his pyjamas and the other half was out of it. One part of his pyjamas was stuck in his socks.

His father was having the breakfast sitting at the table. ‘’wish you have many good mornings Mr. Deniz, how do you do today?’’ he asked with joy. It wasn’t a good night I guess.’’

‘’You know it father, again those fantastic dreams.’’ I wish I could say all those magic dreams and the imaginations were because of you my dear father. And once when I wake up in the morning I wish I could have realized myself being in my own room in a second!

His mother after putting the breakfast on the table caressed his hair and gave a kiss on his forehead.

Deniz looked to his father with shimmering eyes. ‘’ I hope the stories you told me were fact. Then I wouldn’t have to go to the school. I would take my back pack and go beyond the mountains. I could be a kind of traveller, I guess.’’

His father smiled while putting cheese on his bread. ‘’ Be sure you would still have to go the school’’ he said staring at his eyes.

What do they understand from such a school I never knew!  The teachers didn’t know much, say the students, they were already stupid. Desks were uncomfortable, the ceiling was low, the windows were taking the sun too much…

Deniz took a deep breath. ‘’ But school is very boring and I have no friends.’’

‘’I am sure you have a few’’ his mother said sadly.

‘’No one’s mind is working’’ he answered in anger.’’ The only thing they think is to draw mountain and hills, cars, babies etcetera.’’

Well, what do you think? He asked after having a big piece of bread.

‘’I am thinking of the magic places you told me, magicians, witches, and that the whole story! The mountains and the hills everybody thinks of any way!

After that the piece of bread was swallowed into the stomach, father looked again to his son while trying to stab a green olive with his fork in the bowl.

‘’Thinking of those doesn’t mean their being stupid. Of course, they have stupids in themselves, undoubtedly,’’ he grinned. ‘’

But you never know whatever the thing whoever wants to think, let everyone think whatever they want. Let yourself be happy with the dreams you have.’’

‘’No more dreams, please!’’ as her mother went into the word. Parents looked into each other’s eyes for some time. Afterword his mother decided to go into the kitchen.

Deniz started to crack his eggshell bored. At that morning neither of his parents understood him well. In fact, you couldn’t say they understand him well normally. He got the egg down into stomach in a snap. İf he didn’t have the warm tea in his fronthe could have been drowned.

‘’Hasn’t the shuttle come yet mum’’ he asked without patient.

‘’Try to geton well with your friends and teachers, do you?’’ his mother asked, ignoring question of the kid.

‘’When a few more years passed you will understand me better son! Never forget that, there is always mystery somewhere waiting to be solved. Life is not only shuttle and school of course. You go to school, study your lessons, keep on reading stories and fairy tales, the mystery will find you. Is that ok?’’

‘’Yes, sure it will.’’ Deniz skipped and while playing with the olive seed in his mouth ‘’see you later’’ he said and left.

After having the third lecture finished Deniz took the way to the bathroom. İf his best friend at school Emre didn’t chat with him he could be back to his classroom on time, but because of big mouth Emre, he was just cleaning his hands when the bell rang. He wiped and dried his hands on his uniform hurriedly. He was just going out from the door; he heard a voice coming from one of the toilets which was closed.

‘’The son of Watchman! Hey’’

Deniz couldn’t understand what it was. Possibly, he converted the voice coming from the water pipes in something else in his mind. Having had beaten some water on his face and shaken his head, he straightened his tie in the mirror.

‘’Are you there, little boy?’’

The voice reminding a snarl was really coming from one of the closets though.

After a few seconds thought, he approached the doors.

‘’I can’t stand here waiting all day long kid’’ the voice growled again.

Deniz got a few steps back. Who was it and why it was waiting for him in one of the closets? Afterwards, everything suddenly fell into place. He would bet, it was one those monkeyshines that one of his friends were trying to do.

He was bored from all these jokes. It’s okay, he could have seen some weird creatures from time to time but every day making the same joke on and on…. Laughing to himself, when he opened the door of the closet where the voice were coming, things he had seen were certainly saying it was not a joke.

There was standing a weird thing on the closet, short but quite fat, with a big nose like potato, braid beard sweeping the floor, worn outfit same as in the fairy tales. One of his feet was in the closet; it looked like it was stuck there. When Deniz felt two steps back he noticed on the wall behind the closet some awkward things as well.

It was as if there was a semi-visible curtain where at the wall was and if he is not mistaken there was another world extending behind the wall.

Is it imagination? I shall go and tell to the teachers…well what if, it was like the others he has seen last month imagine? I can’t risk this. But what if it was real… then I can convince my lunatic friends that the whole thing is true.

‘’I will be there in a minute’’ Deniz said; he was about to turn his back and leave ,with a quite loud ‘’stay’’ as the dwarf shouted.

Denizstoped for a moment ‘’what happened?’’

‘’You will get me out of this hole and take to your father’

‘’My father?’’ he asked unconsciously.

‘’how could you know my father?

‘’Aren’t you the son of the Watchman or I have lost the skill of my vision?’’

Me…yes..I mean…no Deniz could only say. ‘’ no..no..no certainly not, my father is not a watchman, he works in a shipping company’’

‘’The son of the man who protects the holly door, the Guardian between the two lands would be afoolIcouldn’t think of,’’ dwarf said un favourable.

‘’you are a fool! ’’ as kid got nervous. ‘’ what are you so, a ball of twine braided!?’’

‘’twine braided, you little fool?’’ growled the dwarf.

‘’You look like you come from a story book’’ Deniz said with a stammer.

‘’will you stand looking foolish at me or will you call your father’’ dwarf reproached.

Deniz went next to him and pulled his beard. ’’ It looks like real’’ he said with temper and burst into laughter.

‘’Stop talking nonsense kid’’

‘’As it wasn’t a dream’’ he whispered. ‘’ may be, I should enjoy with this from now on, that realistic dreams’’

‘’ You are not in dream or something. Look kid, your father might have not told you the truth yet. You may not be old enough to learn it but your father is the Watchman of the Unique Gate and you are the future Gatekeeper, did you understand? And I am psychic Teorgen. Psychic of the temple built on the highest top of hill of the Seven Hill. On the full moon day sometimes, very rarely on the morning times as well,there would appear fake doors. These are not a good sign.’’

‘’look at me fat man, these things happen to me very often lately, I mean confusing the real and the truth you know it’’

‘’That is why…’’

‘’Oh! Stop it, you’ll drive me mad!’’

‘’ok..ok don’t get nervous. Let’s say I am not in a dream and my father is the person you have said. Well then haven’t the gatekeepers enchanted tools allow to find the people come from the gates.’’

Look kid reach him at once, there might be more than on gate open. Here it is very crowded, I see, what if he doesn’t send me back immediately?

‘’Send you back?’’

‘’Then very bad things will happen, believe me.’’

Deniz couldn’t believe what he has heard.At the school’s Toilet, a dwarf saying his father is the watchman of the gate, looks like it stepped out of fairy tales, he was talking to.He was in an imagination for sure.

What if the recreation never ends? Most probably I am asleep buried my desk.

He took green hat of the dwarf and wore it. ‘’does it suit’’?

Dwarf trimmed red with anger started to shaken.

‘’For the Great Ardebum sake! Spirit of the rocks, take my life!’’ He yammered.

‘’I had heard of its name’’ kid said fixing his hat. ‘’It passes in the stories my father sometimes… by the way, do you think I can fly? ’He asked at once irrelevantly and closed his eyes tried to rise rushing through the air with his hands. Within his dreams he was flying in this way sometimes.

‘’look kid’’ dwarf said and grasped Deniz’s arm. He was so strong that Deniz felt his arm was almost going to be broken. ‘’ call your father urgently. It is more important than you think. You do whatever you want when your father comes. Either you throw yourself from a window or go into this white hole like fish. You do whatever you want, just call that Gate-keeper.’’

The thick and the breathy voice of the dwarf echoed in the toilet. Deniz has stuck where he was. He was staring at the dwarf without movingand thinking how crazy the things were he was living. At that moment that he was in various thoughts he seemed to hear the voice of his father. It was like his father was whispering his name.

‘’Finally, you brought my father here’’ the kid said. ‘’ you are really a good witch’’

‘’ I am not a witch, you fool kid! I am a Psychic! Dwarf murmured.

When his father entered the bathroom he couldn’t believe in seeing Deniz with the dwarf standing next to each other. The kid was grinning stupid and dwarf was reddened from the nervous struggling where he was.

‘’you…are you fine my son? He asked in fear.’’

‘’of course father! This is a magnificent dream! It’s because your visit’s probability  to my school was null percent so it is a dream, I am sure now’’ Deniz said with a smile on his face. ‘’ let me introduce you, this is witch something like Treloboblo..’’

‘’Psychic, you idiot kid, I am a Psychic and my name is Teorgen! Send me back to the place where I come from, if not this kid will drive me mad!’’

‘’This is a dream’’ the man said looking through his son.’’ You will wake up in a while’’

‘’I will be very upset when I wake up’’ the kid said with grief. ‘’look at it, the Gate-keeper is in front of me and plus the fact he’s turned into my father! There is no way!’’

The man opened collar of his long coat and over the belt,the bags holding his trousers, compasses and mechanical tools were seen.

‘’Fake gates are the sign of bad events, you know it.’’ Dwarf said.

Man ignored, he took out a handful dust from his bag and spilled over the dwarf and the wall behind the dwarf too. The transparent image rippled.

‘’Vouw…right as you told’’ kid said following his father with admire.How many fake gates for the last decade, and how may for this month? Dwarf asked. ‘’ these are not good signs, rumours went too far. Bad things…’’ but the man has blocked the words in his mouth.

‘’shut up and pass through the portal and get out of here’’

‘’how dare you talk to me like that, I am the Seven..’’

But again the man cut the words of the dwarf. ‘’I am the Gate-keeper, the Lord of the Unique Gate’’ he said with power. When Deniz was watching his father admiringly, it was like the man was raised and empowered. Dwarf was furious with anger and gothis foot out of the closet hole in sudden hardly and grabbed his hat from kid’s head rashly.

‘’Let it be as you know’’ he said and passed the portal. The Watchman blew the dust in his hand over the portal by murmuring some strange words while the image of the dwarf was rippling through that world.The portal closed down slowly and cleared away in the end.

‘’That is it’’ kid said with pleasure. May I temper with them for sometime’’ kid reached out the belt of the man but the Watchman grabbed the hand of his son.’’ Not yet! ‘’ He said in smile.‘’keep for the following dream?’’

At the time of Deniz’slooking at the man , there were some shining glitters browsed around the Watchman who was banging his cane on the floor.The eyelids of the kid got heavy and then fell asleep in the toilet.

Cat in the Suitcase

Cat in the Suitcase





Kiki, was a domestic cat. She was living on a top floor of an apartment overlooking Galata tower.
She had a superb comfort sleeping in a warm bed.
She didn’t know anything about the outer world at all…

Till she fell asleep in a suitcase of the family preparing for vacation.

When she opened her eyes, Kiki found herself in the Paris airport, and didn’t know what to do.
She was a stranger on the streets. She didn’t have a slightest idea how to get back home.

Kiki went out to explore the neighbourhood, thanks to a small rat Toro Dustnose coming across, she was about to experience an adventure never to be forgotten!

Cat in the Suitcase



Göktuğ Canbaba

Cat in the Suitcase

The Journey Begins

Kiki was a home cat. With the name street cats called them, she was a ‘Carpet Cat’. She was living on the upper flat of a building viewing ‘Galata Tower’. The Curly Hat who was the only daughter of the Mr. Skinny Leg and Mrs .Hairy Hat has found her in one of the Dec streets two years ago. Kiki never remembered anything even though it wasn’t too long ago yet. Perhaps, she wanted to forget the days she escaped from the people and got wet in the rain, who knows. Some people didn’t like the cats very much that she couldn’t give a meaning to it at all. She even saw some, got frightened or went away from them! Mauwwwwwww! What harm could the cats give to them! It was really difficult to understand those grownups.

The only thing she knew was she loved her family and sleeping idly almost the all day long. Life was very and very beautiful. She had no enemy. From time to time she had friends visited her; the street cats, the Dirty Paw and the Traveller Ears, the always hungry seagull the Cold Beak and a rat entering home in a way all the time, the Broken Tooth. Yes, you haven’t misheard, Broken Tooth was a rat. Kiki was getting on with rats unlikely the other cats. In fact she didn’t discriminate the animals very much to love. This was putting the Kiki apart from many other cats.

There was a desperate preparation at Kiki’s home that day. Nevertheless she was taking a nap without paying attention to them, Mrs. Hairy Hat was putting her cloths in the suitcases, or Mr. Skinny Leg was saying the Curly Hair to hasten. For they would be going on a long journey, all the members of the family were excited as well as being in rush, because there were exactly two hours left before the flight.


Kiki looked outside through the window with her eyes hardly opened. It was raining.

‘’Meaaauwww’’ she yawned, slurped her mouth and started licking her snow white paws. Cleaning was very important for cats. Through wiping her black hairs on back of her ears she dried her cleaned paws and got onto the table where she put everything down one by one whatever there were. A can cap; a hair pin and a book bracket were so on the floor. After her doing this impulsive behaviour, she jumped on the heater with a sudden movement and established on it. Sitting at home nice and warm during the coldest days of the winter and watch snowing outside were her favourite. She wished it was snowing, she passed in her thoughts. Afterward she felt guilty for a moment.  She called to mind her friends the Dirty Paw and the Traveller Ears those that have been living outdoor, felt sorry for them for some time.

Then, she yawned again and began to watch snowing. The people who were gathered in front of the Galata Tower were examining the magnificent architecture of the tower and were talking between them. As much as she has learned from Curly Hair the tower was built many thousands of years’ of cats’ lives ago and it was previously used as a lighthouse. This was only Kiki knew. Instead of learning she prefered sleeping more enjoyable.

How people were bizarre she passed from her mind. They must have come thousands of years of cats’ lives ago from where you look at it.  It’s alright there is nothing to say against the beauty of the tower but we are talking of thousands of years of cats’ lives here. She would like to sleep instead. 

She closed her eyes slowly and started to murmur in peace with pleasure until another cat’s paw hit the window.

‘’ Kiki wake up’’ the cat on the other side of the window said.  Kiki opened her eyes hardly and saw her friend the Dirty Paw against her.


‘’Miauwww, to you may friend Dirty good morning’’ she said idly.

‘’It’s already after midday for can food sake! Good morning ‘’ ‘’ohhh! Is it? I thought it was still morning. Time is passing so fast, isn’t it?’’ The rain was falling down on the cat outside and his from the dirt blackened hairs were getting wet. Even, the stream was coming out of his mouth when the Dirty Paw was talking. It must have been really colder than it was.

‘’ I have nothing to say for your laziness’’ Dirty said. ‘’But this is an important situation.’’

‘’ it’s ok! I’ll bring you some food soon but, the reasons for our can food has finished you have to get on with the dry food. The Broken Tooth had come again into the house and has finished stocks’’

‘’No, I haven’t come to eat. The fat rats in back of the street have taken over and we…’’


But Kiki interrupted her friend’s words :

‘’Well, but I am a carpet cat did you forget?’’

‘’I haven’t forgotten it of course but still we thought how many the most we were….’’

‘’ I’m too tired today Dirty. Shall we talk tomorrow?’

Even though the Dirty Paw loved Kiki very much, these indolent manners of her have made him always angry. Kiki has always brought food to him stealing from her own food at home, she even has taken him inside secretly from her owners but still Kiki hasn’t done any serious help for street cats at all.

‘’It’s fine ‘’ Dirty Paw said seeming a little disappointed.

‘’ let’s talk about it later’’ he yowled and then by climbing the pipe vigorously he disappeared. Kiki was so slow that she couldn’t even manage to finish her words before he left.

‘’Ok’’ she said in mumbling. Afterwards, she watched outside a little more and started to eat her dry food crisply.


At that day it was very untidy at home and Kiki didn’t like the panicked ambiance. There were suitcases, cloths, and holiday supplies in everywhere. If the carpet cats could tell in men’s world ‘’ are you sure you wanted to go so thousands of years of cats’ lives far away?’’ she would ask to them. ‘’ ‘’, However, we could sleep together all-day long at home.’’

Mrs. Hairy Hat put all the hats from her wardrobe on her bed and was trying to decide whether to take. Mr Skinny Leg whereas was engaged in sorting out his pants of which one of them was showing his leg thicker. In the meantime noticed that Curly Hair was coming closer to her, she came up the child as well.  She wandered between his legs and put her white hairs to the Curly Hair’s legs and yowled.


Child grabbed Kiki into his hands and put her on his breast firmly. ‘’I’ll miss you a lot Kiki. But never mind, we will be here after a week at the most. I’ve put you plenty food and drinks there. You won’t even know we were gone!’’

Kiki yowled once more ‘’It is not a trouble Curly Hair. It is a good period of time for sleeping Meauwww.’’

She consequently, uncovered the neckless on her neck and looked at the picture she was in there too. She had been taken the photo in front of the Galata tower and the neckless was very but very important for her.

‘’I can go along with the picture for some time meauwww!’’

After that Mr Skinny Leg put his cloths in the suitcase and made himself sure that his wife picked up as well and then he called the Curly Hair:

‘’You get with your mum into the car, after having the needed directions given to the neighbour I’ll fetch the suitcases.’’


            Mum and the Curly Hair said good bye to Kiki and left the house. And the father left for a short period to go to the neighbours. Kiki stayed home alone and her eyes started closing unwillingly. She took a look around. She was trying to find a peaceful place to sleep. Later she took a nap in the eye upon the cloths which she put on one another and dove into the goods instantly and pulled herself down quite deeper.  The smelling with her family’s odour smooth cloths was an ideal place to sleep.  She was usually doing it by entering in the wardrobes but at the very moment the house was so untidy that she has thrown herself to the first place she found without thinking. She hasn’t noticed the place where she got in would be the suitcase that would take her thousands even millions of paws away at all.


The Lost Light of the Anglerfish

The Lost Light of the Anglerfish






Hundreds of meters under the ocean, in the Red Seaweed Village,large  and small angler fish were living. The biggest characteristics was, that each one had a lamp on the top of their heads. Kind hearted Loppi the Brightlight, understandable from his name, had a strong light and wanted that everyone to recognize it.  Especially on that day, to the magician octopus LightThief who came to the village with the Ocean Circus, Angler fish, when the octopus’ performance had just begun, brightened its light so bright and bright like it did never before…..

After that, he had fainted.  When he woke up, very bad and surprising adventure was waiting for him.

With this Loppi Brightlight’s warm story, you will witness the power of friendship, security and courage.

The Lost Light of the Anglerfish




Göktuğ Canbaba

The Lost Light of the Anglerfish

The Ocean Circus

Loppi Brightlight (Parlakışık) wanted to sleep a little more but anglerfishes were talking aloud and screaming with joy so it didn’t take longer for him to understand he couldn’t sleep any more.

Hundreds of meters under the ocean, in the Red Algae village there were large and small anglerfishes living. Loppi, the Brightlight was one of them. İf you haven’t seen any anglerfish before, firstly, I guess I shall tell you what the anglerfishes look like. Anglerfishes, except for having like the other fishes cute fins, tiles and wondering eyes looking at the ocean, they have also a supernatural thing that divert them from the other fishes. Living being-lanterns carrying on the top of their heads with a light at the end! Yes, you haven’t misheard; they have glittering lanterns getting out of their heads allow them to find their directions.

Anglerfishes, same as the streetlights, even the lamp shades providing us to read books before we go to sleep at night, or the table lamps on the work tables help people by shimmering light are the lanterns pull them apart easily from the other fishes and very and very special to them.

The previous day, because of reading about legendary Ocean Circus, Loppi felt tired, his eyes were red fell asleep. When he woke up he was still feeling a little tired. He got his head out of his big rocky house covered red algae and took a glance at what was happening out there.  His powerful flashlight was  showing clearly what was out there. Yesterday’s flurry was still continuing. Since the news of the coming of the Circus Ocean to see where they were living, they had done a feverish work in the village. They had decorated the coming way of the Circus with the fire seaweeds and had written on a big rock sprinkling like the gold with the rarest shells over it ‘’Welcome to the Circus of Ocean’’. The colourful seaweeds were spread in everywhere of the village that are filled with the rocks, the fishes of the village had put on their best bib and tuckers. Among the jewellery there were even rings of diamond left from the old wrecks.

Loppi entered the house and took  a deep breath. ‘’I hope they accept me to the Ocean of Circus’’ he whispered. ‘’ They won’t believe it when they see my powerful light.’’

Loppi was telling the truth. His light was more powerful than the other old anglerfishes at the village. He was well known in the village.  Everybody liked him and respected him although he was still a young fish .  Loppi continued to complicate the rest of the pages of his book at the night. He was most wondering the seaweed turbaned wizard octopus, the Light Thief . The reason why people addressed to him in this way was his capability of caching the bright light of people where they live in Dry Land and put it in custody. The reason why he was called with the name seven armed Light Thief was as a result of missing one of his arms  while stealing light from the dry fishes’ land namely men’s world, thus seven armed Light Thief.

Loppi Brightlight closed his eyes and started to ruminate on the magnificent members of the circus; the impersonated any colour scorpion fish, the fabled voice of the white lobster, the best dancers of the ocean’s blue shrimp brothers ,and the plays between clown fishes and starfishes he dreamed. Immediately just before imagining himself as a member of full circus he opened his eyes to the end with a sound came from outside. Apparently, the Ocean Circus had been seen on the horizon!

Loppi went out the door and got into the crowd. He filtered through the sharp rocks with a great skill. Without seeing the greetings of the other fishes from the village he took his place with a great excitement in the middle of the two huge rocks where the welcome lantern processions took place among; Besides as a pioneer anglerfish! They were in total 25 anglerfishes in the welcome lantern procession. These anglerfishes were swimming without bumping to each other and they were realizing the task of welcoming performance with their flashlights’ switching on or off. Various living beings coming from the neighbour villages were gathered in the Red Algae Village to see the Ocean Circus. It was even possible to see a few sharks. Giant sea shells where the circus living beings’ have been living in it finally appeared in the mysterious blue of the ocean. Like a ball shaped giant shell that was taken by the hundreds of seahorses was almost as big as the dry fishes’ namely men’s boat. While the big shell which was taken by seahorses was approaching the anglerfishes in the welcoming procession by switching their lights on or off and they were saying welcome to the circus.

Finally, the circus went into the town between the astonished eyes of everyone. The seahorses finally stood in the open area of the village with the accompaniment of the hundreds of fishes’ crying outs. The crowd was looking at the giant sea shell amazingly. Loppi was one of them. On one side he was examining the round shell which was perhaps hundred times bigger than him on the other side following the crowd’s enjoying watches without removing his fence. Then it happened and the top of the shell started cracking with a noise came from outside, and colourful seaweeds started to spring out.

It was same as the fireworks in the men’s world. Red, purple, golden coloured seaweeds were scattered around and the members of the circus coming through the seaweeds were greeting the crowd. Loppi was almost going to faint from the excitement. White lobster with his magical sound was the first to greet. Blue shrimp brothers were dancing on the top of the shell, harlequins were approaching sea stars twirl the twirl, electric eels, with their tails hitting each other were giving light around and jellyfishes that raised light inside of them were greeting people with colourful light performances. This festival continued for some time but Loppi for a reason couldn’t see the seven armed octopus, LightThief. He’s had heard a lot of things about him that he couldn’t think of a word if  he met him. Then, a rad crab with large arms called the people with a pointy sea shell in his hand. This pointy shell allowed him to be heard even by the fishes far away, must have been one of the rarest objects in the ocean.

‘’Dear RedSeaweed people and respectful brothers and sisters coming from neighbor villages, starting from the other end of the ocean, our journey finally reached your village. We would like to thank you very much for greeting our circus with fellowship’’

We would of course give our greetings with fellowship, Loppi thought.

You are the circus of ocean; you are the most spectacular circus of the ocean!

‘’ Now behold seven armed wizard octopus, the Light Thief.’  the crab called. Various living beings surrounded the big sea shell cheered in many different ways. Some, were crying ‘’You are the biggest seven-armed,’’ and some  ‘’Show us the mysteries wizard Light Thief,’’ were crying out. Without removing his voice from excitement Loppi was watching the top of the shell. At that time a big sea turtle appeared. From the inside of the magical blue It was approaching slowly. The sea turtle was so big that at least ten large anglerfishes could sit on top of it. The octopus was established on the throne that was set on the sea turtle, with the turban formed by colorful algae on its head it was like the ones he red in the books.

Loppi enlightened his lantern faster as soon he saw the octopus and pointed out himself. The other anglerfishes were looking at him with admire and hoping to have also a more powerful light as much as his one. But the octopus passed by and without looking at him as if he wasn’t there and went away through the crowd. ‘’In a while the circus will be established and will start the shows,’’ the strong armed red crab cried out. The fish went crazy and Loppi was so upset that he didn’t know where to go or what to say.

His light dimmed down and he stayed there so. İf he was at himself he could see the other members of the circus gotten out of the shell together with the smaller shell tents.


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This book is yet to be translated to English





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This book is yet to be translated to English