Cat in the Suitcase

Cat in the Suitcase




Kiki, was a domestic cat. She was living on a top floor of an apartment overlooking Galata tower.
She had a superb comfort sleeping in a warm bed.
She didn’t know anything about the outer world at all…

Till she fell asleep in a suitcase of the family preparing for vacation.

When she opened her eyes, Kiki found herself in the Paris airport, and didn’t know what to do.
She was a stranger on the streets. She didn’t have a slightest idea how to get back home.

Kiki went out to explore the neighbourhood, thanks to a small rat Toro Dustnose coming across, she was about to experience an adventure never to be forgotten!


The Journey Begins

Kiki was a home cat. With the name street cats called them, she was a ‘Carpet Cat’. She was living on the upper flat of a building viewing ‘Galata Tower’. The Curly Hat who was the only daughter of the Mr. Skinny Leg and Mrs .Hairy Hat has found her in one of the Dec streets two years ago. Kiki never remembered anything even though it wasn’t too long ago yet. Perhaps, she wanted to forget the days she escaped from the people and got wet in the rain, who knows. Some people didn’t like the cats very much that she couldn’t give a meaning to it at all. She even saw some, got frightened or went away from them! Mauwwwwwww! What harm could the cats give to them! It was really difficult to understand those grownups.

The only thing she knew was she loved her family and sleeping idly almost the all day long. Life was very and very beautiful. She had no enemy. From time to time she had friends visited her; the street cats, the Dirty Paw and the Traveller Ears, the always hungry seagull the Cold Beak and a rat entering home in a way all the time, the Broken Tooth. Yes, you haven’t misheard, Broken Tooth was a rat. Kiki was getting on with rats unlikely the other cats. In fact she didn’t discriminate the animals very much to love. This was putting the Kiki apart from many other cats.

There was a desperate preparation at Kiki’s home that day. Nevertheless she was taking a nap without paying attention to them, Mrs. Hairy Hat was putting her cloths in the suitcases, or Mr. Skinny Leg was saying the Curly Hair to hasten. For they would be going on a long journey, all the members of the family were excited as well as being in rush, because there were exactly two hours left before the flight.


Kiki looked outside through the window with her eyes hardly opened. It was raining.

‘’Meaaauwww’’ she yawned, slurped her mouth and started licking her snow white paws. Cleaning was very important for cats. Through wiping her black hairs on back of her ears she dried her cleaned paws and got onto the table where she put everything down one by one whatever there were. A can cap; a hair pin and a book bracket were so on the floor. After her doing this impulsive behaviour, she jumped on the heater with a sudden movement and established on it. Sitting at home nice and warm during the coldest days of the winter and watch snowing outside were her favourite. She wished it was snowing, she passed in her thoughts. Afterward she felt guilty for a moment.  She called to mind her friends the Dirty Paw and the Traveller Ears those that have been living outdoor, felt sorry for them for some time.

Then, she yawned again and began to watch snowing. The people who were gathered in front of the Galata Tower were examining the magnificent architecture of the tower and were talking between them. As much as she has learned from Curly Hair the tower was built many thousands of years’ of cats’ lives ago and it was previously used as a lighthouse. This was only Kiki knew. Instead of learning she prefered sleeping more enjoyable.

How people were bizarre she passed from her mind. They must have come thousands of years of cats’ lives ago from where you look at it.  It’s alright there is nothing to say against the beauty of the tower but we are talking of thousands of years of cats’ lives here. She would like to sleep instead. 

She closed her eyes slowly and started to murmur in peace with pleasure until another cat’s paw hit the window.

‘’ Kiki wake up’’ the cat on the other side of the window said.  Kiki opened her eyes hardly and saw her friend the Dirty Paw against her.


‘’Miauwww, to you may friend Dirty good morning’’ she said idly.

‘’It’s already after midday for can food sake! Good morning ‘’ ‘’ohhh! Is it? I thought it was still morning. Time is passing so fast, isn’t it?’’ The rain was falling down on the cat outside and his from the dirt blackened hairs were getting wet. Even, the stream was coming out of his mouth when the Dirty Paw was talking. It must have been really colder than it was.

‘’ I have nothing to say for your laziness’’ Dirty said. ‘’But this is an important situation.’’

‘’ it’s ok! I’ll bring you some food soon but, the reasons for our can food has finished you have to get on with the dry food. The Broken Tooth had come again into the house and has finished stocks’’

‘’No, I haven’t come to eat. The fat rats in back of the street have taken over and we…’’


But Kiki interrupted her friend’s words :

‘’Well, but I am a carpet cat did you forget?’’

‘’I haven’t forgotten it of course but still we thought how many the most we were….’’

‘’ I’m too tired today Dirty. Shall we talk tomorrow?’

Even though the Dirty Paw loved Kiki very much, these indolent manners of her have made him always angry. Kiki has always brought food to him stealing from her own food at home, she even has taken him inside secretly from her owners but still Kiki hasn’t done any serious help for street cats at all.

‘’It’s fine ‘’ Dirty Paw said seeming a little disappointed.

‘’ let’s talk about it later’’ he yowled and then by climbing the pipe vigorously he disappeared. Kiki was so slow that she couldn’t even manage to finish her words before he left.

‘’Ok’’ she said in mumbling. Afterwards, she watched outside a little more and started to eat her dry food crisply.


At that day it was very untidy at home and Kiki didn’t like the panicked ambiance. There were suitcases, cloths, and holiday supplies in everywhere. If the carpet cats could tell in men’s world ‘’ are you sure you wanted to go so thousands of years of cats’ lives far away?’’ she would ask to them. ‘’ ‘’, However, we could sleep together all-day long at home.’’

Mrs. Hairy Hat put all the hats from her wardrobe on her bed and was trying to decide whether to take. Mr Skinny Leg whereas was engaged in sorting out his pants of which one of them was showing his leg thicker. In the meantime noticed that Curly Hair was coming closer to her, she came up the child as well.  She wandered between his legs and put her white hairs to the Curly Hair’s legs and yowled.


Child grabbed Kiki into his hands and put her on his breast firmly. ‘’I’ll miss you a lot Kiki. But never mind, we will be here after a week at the most. I’ve put you plenty food and drinks there. You won’t even know we were gone!’’

Kiki yowled once more ‘’It is not a trouble Curly Hair. It is a good period of time for sleeping Meauwww.’’

She consequently, uncovered the neckless on her neck and looked at the picture she was in there too. She had been taken the photo in front of the Galata tower and the neckless was very but very important for her.

‘’I can go along with the picture for some time meauwww!’’

After that Mr Skinny Leg put his cloths in the suitcase and made himself sure that his wife picked up as well and then he called the Curly Hair:

‘’You get with your mum into the car, after having the needed directions given to the neighbour I’ll fetch the suitcases.’’


            Mum and the Curly Hair said good bye to Kiki and left the house. And the father left for a short period to go to the neighbours. Kiki stayed home alone and her eyes started closing unwillingly. She took a look around. She was trying to find a peaceful place to sleep. Later she took a nap in the eye upon the cloths which she put on one another and dove into the goods instantly and pulled herself down quite deeper.  The smelling with her family’s odour smooth cloths was an ideal place to sleep.  She was usually doing it by entering in the wardrobes but at the very moment the house was so untidy that she has thrown herself to the first place she found without thinking. She hasn’t noticed the place where she got in would be the suitcase that would take her thousands even millions of paws away at all.