The Lost Light of the Anglerfish

The Lost Light of the Anglerfish




Hundreds of meters under the ocean, in the Red Seaweed Village,large  and small angler fish were living. The biggest characteristics was, that each one had a lamp on the top of their heads. Kind hearted Loppi the Brightlight, understandable from his name, had a strong light and wanted that everyone to recognize it.  Especially on that day, to the magician octopus LightThief who came to the village with the Ocean Circus, Angler fish, when the octopus’ performance had just begun, brightened its light so bright and bright like it did never before…..

After that, he had fainted.  When he woke up, very bad and surprising adventure was waiting for him.

With this Loppi Brightlight’s warm story, you will witness the power of friendship, security and courage.


The Ocean Circus

Loppi Brightlight (Parlakışık) wanted to sleep a little more but anglerfishes were talking aloud and screaming with joy so it didn’t take longer for him to understand he couldn’t sleep any more.

Hundreds of meters under the ocean, in the Red Algae village there were large and small anglerfishes living. Loppi, the Brightlight was one of them. İf you haven’t seen any anglerfish before, firstly, I guess I shall tell you what the anglerfishes look like. Anglerfishes, except for having like the other fishes cute fins, tiles and wondering eyes looking at the ocean, they have also a supernatural thing that divert them from the other fishes. Living being-lanterns carrying on the top of their heads with a light at the end! Yes, you haven’t misheard; they have glittering lanterns getting out of their heads allow them to find their directions.

Anglerfishes, same as the streetlights, even the lamp shades providing us to read books before we go to sleep at night, or the table lamps on the work tables help people by shimmering light are the lanterns pull them apart easily from the other fishes and very and very special to them.

The previous day, because of reading about legendary Ocean Circus, Loppi felt tired, his eyes were red fell asleep. When he woke up he was still feeling a little tired. He got his head out of his big rocky house covered red algae and took a glance at what was happening out there.  His powerful flashlight was  showing clearly what was out there. Yesterday’s flurry was still continuing. Since the news of the coming of the Circus Ocean to see where they were living, they had done a feverish work in the village. They had decorated the coming way of the Circus with the fire seaweeds and had written on a big rock sprinkling like the gold with the rarest shells over it ‘’Welcome to the Circus of Ocean’’. The colourful seaweeds were spread in everywhere of the village that are filled with the rocks, the fishes of the village had put on their best bib and tuckers. Among the jewellery there were even rings of diamond left from the old wrecks.

Loppi entered the house and took  a deep breath. ‘’I hope they accept me to the Ocean of Circus’’ he whispered. ‘’ They won’t believe it when they see my powerful light.’’

Loppi was telling the truth. His light was more powerful than the other old anglerfishes at the village. He was well known in the village.  Everybody liked him and respected him although he was still a young fish .  Loppi continued to complicate the rest of the pages of his book at the night. He was most wondering the seaweed turbaned wizard octopus, the Light Thief . The reason why people addressed to him in this way was his capability of caching the bright light of people where they live in Dry Land and put it in custody. The reason why he was called with the name seven armed Light Thief was as a result of missing one of his arms  while stealing light from the dry fishes’ land namely men’s world, thus seven armed Light Thief.

Loppi Brightlight closed his eyes and started to ruminate on the magnificent members of the circus; the impersonated any colour scorpion fish, the fabled voice of the white lobster, the best dancers of the ocean’s blue shrimp brothers ,and the plays between clown fishes and starfishes he dreamed. Immediately just before imagining himself as a member of full circus he opened his eyes to the end with a sound came from outside. Apparently, the Ocean Circus had been seen on the horizon!

Loppi went out the door and got into the crowd. He filtered through the sharp rocks with a great skill. Without seeing the greetings of the other fishes from the village he took his place with a great excitement in the middle of the two huge rocks where the welcome lantern processions took place among; Besides as a pioneer anglerfish! They were in total 25 anglerfishes in the welcome lantern procession. These anglerfishes were swimming without bumping to each other and they were realizing the task of welcoming performance with their flashlights’ switching on or off. Various living beings coming from the neighbour villages were gathered in the Red Algae Village to see the Ocean Circus. It was even possible to see a few sharks. Giant sea shells where the circus living beings’ have been living in it finally appeared in the mysterious blue of the ocean. Like a ball shaped giant shell that was taken by the hundreds of seahorses was almost as big as the dry fishes’ namely men’s boat. While the big shell which was taken by seahorses was approaching the anglerfishes in the welcoming procession by switching their lights on or off and they were saying welcome to the circus.

Finally, the circus went into the town between the astonished eyes of everyone. The seahorses finally stood in the open area of the village with the accompaniment of the hundreds of fishes’ crying outs. The crowd was looking at the giant sea shell amazingly. Loppi was one of them. On one side he was examining the round shell which was perhaps hundred times bigger than him on the other side following the crowd’s enjoying watches without removing his fence. Then it happened and the top of the shell started cracking with a noise came from outside, and colourful seaweeds started to spring out.

It was same as the fireworks in the men’s world. Red, purple, golden coloured seaweeds were scattered around and the members of the circus coming through the seaweeds were greeting the crowd. Loppi was almost going to faint from the excitement. White lobster with his magical sound was the first to greet. Blue shrimp brothers were dancing on the top of the shell, harlequins were approaching sea stars twirl the twirl, electric eels, with their tails hitting each other were giving light around and jellyfishes that raised light inside of them were greeting people with colourful light performances. This festival continued for some time but Loppi for a reason couldn’t see the seven armed octopus, LightThief. He’s had heard a lot of things about him that he couldn’t think of a word if  he met him. Then, a rad crab with large arms called the people with a pointy sea shell in his hand. This pointy shell allowed him to be heard even by the fishes far away, must have been one of the rarest objects in the ocean.

‘’Dear RedSeaweed people and respectful brothers and sisters coming from neighbor villages, starting from the other end of the ocean, our journey finally reached your village. We would like to thank you very much for greeting our circus with fellowship’’

We would of course give our greetings with fellowship, Loppi thought.

You are the circus of ocean; you are the most spectacular circus of the ocean!

‘’ Now behold seven armed wizard octopus, the Light Thief.’  the crab called. Various living beings surrounded the big sea shell cheered in many different ways. Some, were crying ‘’You are the biggest seven-armed,’’ and some  ‘’Show us the mysteries wizard Light Thief,’’ were crying out. Without removing his voice from excitement Loppi was watching the top of the shell. At that time a big sea turtle appeared. From the inside of the magical blue It was approaching slowly. The sea turtle was so big that at least ten large anglerfishes could sit on top of it. The octopus was established on the throne that was set on the sea turtle, with the turban formed by colorful algae on its head it was like the ones he red in the books.

Loppi enlightened his lantern faster as soon he saw the octopus and pointed out himself. The other anglerfishes were looking at him with admire and hoping to have also a more powerful light as much as his one. But the octopus passed by and without looking at him as if he wasn’t there and went away through the crowd. ‘’In a while the circus will be established and will start the shows,’’ the strong armed red crab cried out. The fish went crazy and Loppi was so upset that he didn’t know where to go or what to say.

His light dimmed down and he stayed there so. İf he was at himself he could see the other members of the circus gotten out of the shell together with the smaller shell tents.